What Mark Cuban Taught Me About Blogging

I had the pleasure of listening to Mark Cuban speak at Blog World 2007. He shared numerous insights about blogging which I have summarized here.


  • You should decide whether you will blog part time or full time and adjust your strategy accordingly. Same thing applies with business vs. personal blogging.
  • Your competition includes non-bloggers, such as mainstream media.
  • Does your blog effect you or a fictional persona.
  • Realize that others will view your blog when researching you.
  • Fight the F.U. urge and avoid writing material that you will regret later, since blogs are forever.
  • Make sure you think about the consequences when you blog.
  • Feel free to moderate the comments on your blog to only include those comments that provide value.
  • Know more stuff about your industry than your competitors through hard work.


  • Raw truth (vs. the mainstream media).
  • Source of alternative information.
  • Creation of new streams of dialog through comments.
  • Reaching a wider audience.


  • The brutal honest truth is necessary.
  • Do not pander to visitors, doing so makes you no different from mainstream media.
  • You must put in the time and do your homework to create depth.
  • Your blog can be used for pro-active communication about your brand.


  • Ads cheapen your site.
  • Don’t do ads when your blog is just starting out.
  • You may lose your ability to be brutally honest.
  • Don’t allow the ads to detract from your site. e.g. Advertising links before the actual content of your post.


  • He would buy Verizon (because of FIOS) and/or Facebook if he had the money.
  • A new OS is what’s needed to revolutionize the industry.

Here is a link to a full transcript of the keynote.

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