10 Tools for Success

I have had the great luxury of spending some quality personal time with Devlyn Steele of, which has been of tremendous benefit to myself and my companies. I am eager to share these tools that Develyn has given me so that you can improve both your personal and business life, since my life goal is to create the greatest positive change for the most people over the longest period of time.

Before I go into the tools themselves, I would like to take a moment to invite you to join Devlyn’s free online 90 day program, which would cost you upwards of $300 an hour to obtain in person. It truly is one the best values I have found online. I am personally on day number 15 and loving every day of it.

1. You have to want to change

When I used to get into trouble routinely as a youngster, EVERYONE wanted me to change, except me. At some points, I was motivated to change by others, since the message to change was pounded into my brain continuously by those who love and care about me. But, at the end the day, it was a internal moment of enlightenment and a subsequent burning desire to change that brought me from living on the street, to a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and ownership in several award winning companies.

Create that burning desire to change for yourself, and witness powerful results.

2. You have to believe you can change

Faith is a critical component to the process, that is, you must believe in that which you can not see. Further, you must be able to vision that which you can not see.

Mentors were key in this process for my journey. As I became the student of those who had the mental, emotional and financial state I desire, tangible possibilities began to form in my mind.

Then, I began reading as much as I could about successful people and absorbing those stories.

3. You have to be positive

We are surrounded by negative thinking wherever we go or when we decide to engage with the media. It is important to recognize that, and engage in some self programming to escape the cycle. Similar to how we are programmed by advertisers to buy their goods, we need to self-program ourselves to “buy” into our own desire to change; and with enthusiasm!

I chose to assist this process by putting my mind in a mode of gratitude. This is easy to do, because even with all the challenges we face on a daily basis, there are an incredible amount of things to be thankful for, starting with the fact that you are alive and able to make choices.

4. You have to be personal

Personalize and own your commitment to change. Realize that the only thing you can control in your life is your thoughts and conscious physical actions.

When you practice self-talk, make sure to use “I” and “me”.

5. You have to live in the present

Speak and think all your goals in the present tense. Your sub-conscious does not understand the concept of the future, so when you speak in the present tense, as if you goal was already completed, your sub-conscious will work to match your reality with that goal.

I used this tool (in conjunction with the other tools) to buy my first home, my first two cars, obtain my two engineering degrees and in business with great success.

I was using Brian Tracy’s method of rewriting each goal every morning and repeating aloud and visioning each goal until it became reality.

6. Your intuition has to be successful

It’s not enough to desire success, you must also intend it deep from within. There have likely been many times where you set out to change something in your life, but deep inside you had no intention of following through.

The time taken to really ponder what your core intentions are, we help you achieve your true desires. In fact, this process may help you uncover those desires if you are struggling with the meaning of your own life.

7. You have to conceive your success

Both for personal and business life, you hear the gurus speak of visualization. That is because it works! Spend the time to clearly visualize the outcome of your success in vivid detail. This will give your sub-conscious the tools it needs to guide you to the correct resources necessary to transform your vision into reality.

I had difficulty early in this process of learning to visualize my success since I did not know what the vision was supposed to look like. So, what I did was seek out the experiences and knowledge related to my desires, which helped me to clear up my vision. As I practiced the process each day, it became natural.

8. You have to abide by the Law of Effort

None of these tools amount to anything without the required action needed to put your plan into effect. Here is where procrastination is particularly a big hurdle. The antidote is to break your goals down into small actionable tasks.

Use the Law of Accumulation to keep forward momentum and simultaneously apply the next tool (the Law of Consistency) to ensure success.

Eat that elephant one bite at a time! Also, remember to chew vigorously and with passion!

9. You have to abide by the Law of Consistency

Action without consistency leads to many unfinished projects and incomplete goals. After you have applied the Law of Effort and have broken your goals down into bite sized actions, you must make sure to follow through consistently.

Personally, I applied this tool along with the Law of Effort to get both of my engineering degrees. Every day, I went to class, studied and asked questions. The end result was walking across the stage and receiving two diplomas from the Chancellor.

10. You have to be enthusiastic

In life, every moment should be lived with enthusiasm. Most believe this is the only earthly life we will have, so why not make the most of it? Apply that same enthusiasm for life towards any goal and now you have all the tools needed to create the success you desire.

I have given a summary of Devlyn’s tools for success, but I know I did not give them the proper and full treatment. For that, you need to hear it from Devlyn himself. He is busy these days growing his business and helping many people create positive change, but the good news is that you can still access his powerful tools and guidance through his free 90 day program.

Be sure to add me as a friend when you join, so that we can take this incredible journey together.

Please share your experience with the 10 tools for success in the comments. I look forward to hearing stories about your journey. If those stories help at least one person, we have effected tremendous positive change.

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