The Science of Getting Rich

Wallace Wattles wrote an approach to getting rich in 1910 that ended up being the inspiration for the popular movie and book The Secret. Since the book is in the public domain you can now read it free online. Wattles claims that in regards to getting rich, you need not read any other book. That’s a powerful statement indeed. Following is a summary of the Science of Getting Rich Formula.

The universe is composed of a Formless Substance which thinks. All things are made of this “stuff”.

Things can be created in this Formless Substance through thought.

For anything to be created through thought, you must stop competing and instead create.

You must express deep and continuous gratitude with the Formless Intelligence.

To create the thing you are thinking about, you must form a clear and definite mental image. Hold that image in your mind wile being deeply grateful to the Formless Intelligence. You must also have complete faith that the thing you are thinking of will be granted to you.

Spend your leisure hours contemplating your vision and giving thanks for its coming reality.

All of the above must be combined with action. You must do, every day, all that can be done that day, in a successful manner.

You must give to every person value that is in excess of the cash you receive for that value.

The riches you receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of your vision, purpose, faith and gratitude.

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