The Millionaire Mentality

While J. Paul Getty believed that luck, knowledge and hard work were all necessary (with an emphasis on hard work) to become a millionaire, he insisted the single most required trait, is the millionaire mentality.

In his book, How to Be Rich: His Formulas, Getty also talked about the four categories that most men fall into. Which category do you fit in?

“The Millionaire Mentality is one which is always and above all cost-conscious and profit-minded.”
–J. Paul Getty

Category 1

People who will only work entirely for themselves.

Category 2

People who prefer to be employed by others, but share in the profits.

Category 3

People who are content to work for others with a set salary, and perhaps a small increase in wages from time to time.

Category 4 

People who work for others, but have no concern about the overall financial health of the company.

I belong firmly to category 1 and prefer to hire category 2 types while partnering with other category 1’s. There is definite value in employing category 3 types, that generally work under supervision of category 2 people.

Do you possess the millionaire mind?

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