Fix NVidia Drivers After Hardy Heron RC1 Upgrade

After installing Hardy Heron RC1, I found that my NVidia driver was no longer working. After hours of pain, I found the following solution to work easily.

  • Go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager
  • Search for envyng and select envyng-core and envyng-gtk
  • Apply
  • Close the Package Manager
  • From the command line, runĀ  envyng -g
  • Use the auto-detect option
  • Restart the computer when prompted
  • If your display is still messed up:
    • Open a Terminal
    • sudo /usr/bin/nvidia-settings
    • Click X Server Display Configuration
    • Save (it will write a new xorg.conf file)
    • Restert the X Server ( Ctrl-Alt-Backspace )
  • Experience the joy of a properly working NVidia driver on Ubuntu

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