Using Linux to Convert Your DVD Files for Upload on YouTube

A client gave me a DVD that they wanted me to rip and upload to YouTube. Copying the DVD to my computer, I found that the video was in a .VOB format (there are also files with .BUP and .IFO extenstions). This article explains how I converted those video files to a format that I was able to successfully upload to YouTube from within the Ubuntu Hardy Heron OS.

  1. Download the VLC Player
    1.  sudo apt-get install vlc
  2. Go to Applications -> Sound & Video -> VLC media player
  3. File -> Wizard
  4. Choose Transcode/Save to file
  5. Next
  6. Select your stream with the Choose… button
  7. Next
  8. Check off Transcode video and Transcode audio.
    1. I chose MPEG-1 Video and MPEG Audio
  9. Next
  10. I chose MPEG 1
  11. Next
  12. Choose the location to save the file to
  13. Finish

Now you can upload the resulting files to YouTube.

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