11 Traffic Tips From the Number One Chiropractic Blog in the World

I had the fantastic opportunity to sit on a panel with a certified traffic generating machine (Micheal Dourasch) courtesy of Andrew Warner of Mixergy. Following are some tips from Micheal, from the notes I took, that will help you gain some quality traffic to your web sites.

Micheal Dourasch of Planet Chiropractic

  1. Get indexed in Google news.
  2. Include media in your posts:
    1. Photos ( be sure to include alt tags and captions)
    2. Graphics
    3. Embedded video (upload to a site like YouTube)
    4. Audio
  3. Use keywords from Google’s hot trends in your articles.
  4. Write content for high page ranked sites.
  5. Use a tickler file to write about recurring events at the right times.
  6. Screen shot everything for portfolio. (e.g. getting the number one spot for a particular keyword in a Google Search)
  7. Use Google alert to help you get relevant breaking news to write about.
  8. Promote your industry as a whole.
  9. Try to create unique media.
  10. Use ( the paid version)
  11. Get profiles in various social networks for your industry keywords, also do this for domains.

What are some of your high powered traffic tips?

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