19 Secrets From LA’s Top SEO Firm

At last weeks Mixergy event, the closing speaker panel was with BlueSEO (just Google Los Angeles SEO and they come up number one). Here are the notes I took from that talk. I’m sure you will find valuable information that you can apply right now. Enjoy!


  1. Spend time focusing on the key words that your customer is using to find you.
    1. Check out this tool: –> tools –> keyword search
  2. Read your service or product inquiry emails to discover the language your potential clients/users use.
  3. Focus on optimizing for no more than 5 to 10 keywords.
  4. Remember that the title tag is most important and you don’t need to have the company name in each title tag, but do put your keywords there.
  5. Limit the title tag to 65 characters and use a different one for each page.
  6. Call your customers and find out what keywords they would use when searching for your product or service.
  7. Put your keywords in the URL.
  8. Use – instead of _, since Google treats -‘s as a space.
  9. Break your brand into two words if possible and sign up at using the first word of your brand as the first name and the second word of your brand as the last name. Then post reviews on books that contain your keywords.
  10. Buy domains related to your brand to make sure you have maximum control of your online image.
  11. Make sure you name your images as keyword phrases (using – for space) and add an alt tag.
  12. Don’t use a directory called images. Instead use a directory name that contains a keyword.
  13. Minimize duplicate content by using “no index” and “no follow” tags where duplicate wording is necessary.
  14. Pay attention to patents that Google releases (this tip came from Michael Dorausch)
  15. Optimize your web site’s load time. It is likely this metric will factor into your search engine rankings.
  16. Favor sub directories over sub domains as sub domains will dilute your “link juice”.
  17. Buy an established web site. Pre year 2001 is ideal.
  18. Use PPC early to help supplement organic traffic. Ditch the PPC campaign when your organic traffic is greater than the PPC traffic.
  19. Meta keywords are not needed, but use the meta description for your elevator pitch.

What are your top SEO tips?


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