Quick Tip: Open Office 2.4 Styles

Styles are a great way to keep your documents consistent and easier to modify the overall formatting. For some reason, by default all of the styles, including important ones like “Title” are not available readily. Here is a quick tip to find those styles.

Note: I am running Open Office 2.4 on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 64bit.

At the upper left, you will find the drop down which contains a few styles by default.

In this case, the Title style is available because I have already applied it in this document. The problem is that it is not obvious how to find the Title style (and many others).

Click More… and you will get a pop-up that has a few more styles.

To find the rest of the styles you need to click on any one of the buttons on the top (besides the currently highlighted button, the paragraph symbol) and then click the button that is currently highlighted (the paragraph symbol).

Like digital magic, you now have access to all of the available styles.

Do you have a style tip? Leave it in the comments.

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