Increase Productivity in Microsoft Windows by Using Virtual Desktops

One of the productivity features I miss most when leaving my Ubuntu environment for Windows Vista 64-bit is multiple (virtual) desktops. After searching high and low, I finally found a solution that best emulates my beloved Ubuntu desktop.

The magical tool is called virtual dimension and you can download it free here.

I use virtual desktops to help organize and focus my work. Currently I’m using six desktops:

1) Main

This one I keep mostly empty. I navigate over to this desktop when I need to grab a file I’ve placed on the desktop.

2) Social

I usually have two browsers open here (across two monitors) to maintain my social media activities. The one on the left contains sites I need to check periodically while the one on the right are sites I’m currently interacting with.

3) Productivity

On the left monitor I have tabs open for all of my business related items, such as my email, calendar, contacts, project management, customer relationship management, todo list and templates for my systems and procedures.

On the right monitor I have an active checklist for whatever I am working on at the moment.

4) Development

I use this space for hacking and design. So I’ll likely have eclipse and/or Photoshop (or the Gimp) open on these screens.

5) Entertainment

Here is where I’ll have my iTunes application running or a movie playing in a browser from either Netflix or

6) Communications

Here is where I have my IM stuff and personal email accounts open.

How do you utilize multiple desktops?

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