GPS Nirvana with the Verizon xv6800 Running Windows Mobile 6.1

Because Verizon locks down the internal GPS, I was forced to use an external GPS receiver via Bluetooth to have any GPS love. Fortunately, now that the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade allows VZ Navigator to access the internal GPS, a solution to unlock the internal GPS has been created. Here I hope to save you time from searching through the various forums for the answer.

Here is my current status; I have the following applications working using internal GPS:

  • VZ Navigator 4.1.0 Build 120
  • iGuidance
  • Google Mobile Maps
  • Microsoft Live Search

I installed the following:

  • GPSGate 2.6
  • AstroGPSLauncher
  • VZ Navigator 4.1.0 Build 120
  • iGuidance
  • Google Mobile Maps
  • Microsoft Live Search

This is my device configuration:

  • Verizon xv6800
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional 5.2.19212 Build 19212.1.0.3

These are the steps I used to get everything working:

1. I first upgraded my ROM to version 6.1 ( MR1 Upgrade )

2. Next I installed Microsoft Live Search, Google Mobile Maps, VZ Navigator ( this service costs $9.99 a month ) and iGuidance ( this one was installed using a CD that came with the external bluetooth device )

3. I unlocked the internal GPS using this method
( scroll down and find “Verizon MR1 GPS Instructions” ).

4. I then installed GPSGate 2.6
( NOTE: You only need this if you use iGuidance, otherwise skip this step )
( its $20, but they have a free 14 day trial ).

Here is a free alternative to GPSGate, but I’ve yet to test it.

5. Finally, I installed AstroGPSLauncher
( I installed the .cab file )


To get iGuidance to work, you must first launch GPSGate 2.6 with these setting:

Input = WM GPS
Output = Virtual COM3 ( you can use others if you like )

Then within iGuidance I set my GPS com port to be COM3 with Baud Rate of 4800.

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