Exercising Without Weights – Staying Fit on the Run for the Traveling Entrepreneur

It’s hard enough to keep fit at home, but when traveling the challenges could be a bit tougher. Especially, if you have much work to do and no time to travel to a local gym. Use these resources to keep fit right in your room with no special equipment.

Paul Becker

This comprehensive piece shows you many ways to work out without weights along with some thoughts about best practices.

9 exercises with photos. At the bottom of the page there are links to other resources. Also, check out their Travel Workout.

2 Minute Workout

If you don’t mind the ads, this free video walks you through step by step.

Sandeep’s Fitness Page

Here, the exercises are broken down by muscle.

Men’s Health

An 8 minute simple, weight free workout.

The Playing Card Workout

I learned this one from a friend in the U.S. Navy. You will need a deck of playing cards for this one.

How do you keep fit on the road?

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