Jack “The Father of Uninstall” Bicer’s Productivity Tools List

This is a guest post derived from correspondence I received from Jack Bicer:

Have you ever used a really good application that made a difference in your productivity? Well written software, that does its job well, usually at no cost or low cost. Perhaps not as well known, but filling a real need.

As a big fan of productivity tools, I evaluate a fair amount of software. At a recent seminar, after recommending a set of no cost productivity tools to 5 people in a row, I was asked to put together my list of favorite software. The tools I personally use. Elmer, I’m sharing it in the hopes that you will also find something useful for you on this list as well.

My (Jack Bicer’s) productivity tool list is at, composed of mostly no cost and some low cost software. Please let me know if you find any of these tools valuable. If you use any other productivity tools that you can’t do without, please let me know.

If you’d like to play with Web 2.0 collaborative software, I have created a shared Google Apps spreadsheet, where you can add your own favorite productivity tools.

I’m (Jack Bicer) already assembling a version 2 of the productivity tools list. Let’s share the good stuff.

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