Mobile Productivity with the iPhone or Touch

There are many moments where computing is available in the palm of your hand, but using a NetBook is not. For example: waiting in line anywhere, executing tedious chores or performing any type of repetitive task. In these cases, you can maintain your quest for ultimate productivity with your trusty iPhone or iPod Touch. Following are some ideas you may find useful during those times when the only computing device you can use, fits in the palm of your hand.


By far, the most used feature on my iPod Touch is Podcasts. I just don’t have the time to read through all the news I care about each day, but I do normally have time to listen, and you can’t beat the price! Here are some of my favorites:


While not free, I find that the cost is definitely worth it. I subscribe to the Platinum plan (if you use this link you can try it free without obligation), which allows for two credits per month. That usually amounts to two books, but there are some longer books that need two credits. Here are a few titles I’ve recently listened to that I would recommend:


This Twitter client makes it easy to manage multiple Twitter accounts. It will set you back a few dollars, but the time it has already saved me has paid for the app many times over. Thanks to Gabriel for introducing this app to me.


My page loads fantastically in mobile Safari. That web page serves as my dashboard which points to all of the web sites I need to use on a regular basis. The downside is that it becomes tedious to surf for too long because of the tiny screen, but in a pinch it definitely gets the job done, and much better than my Windows Mobile phone.


This app makes it easy to interact with FaceBook friends. I find it easier to use than the FaceBook web site due to it’s simplicity.


If you are obsessed with your Google Analytics account, then you need this app. It allows you to easily check out your stats in great detail. The interface is very easy to use and even though its not free, I find it useful enough to hold a permanent place on my Touch. Much easier to use than visiting the Google Analytics page using Safari.


Similar to the FaceBook app, this app allows for easy interaction with my LinkedIn network. I don’t usually make the time to do so at my desktop, but in line at the grocery store provides a perfect opportunity to stay connected. It’s that or reading The Enquirer.

ToDo by Appiggio

For quick task and todo capture, this app works very well. I like it’s ability to synchronize with several popular services including Remember the Milk, Toodledo and even Microsoft Outlook.


I’m currently reading Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manualwith this application and I love it. Once I found out that the desktop app allows for you to put in a web site URL and it will automatically format the article in ePub format and be made available on your mobile device, I now have no need for any other readers; with exception to the Kindle app, because currently it is the only reader that synchronizes with the Kindle.


This app allows you to manage several WordPress blogs in a clean and easy way. It’s still not as efficient as when you are at your desktop, but it helps you quickly make changes to posts, pages and comments.

What apps or functions on your iPhone or Touch do you find greatly increases your productivity?

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