Beyond Checklists: Automation and Outsourcing

So you’ve already made checklists for all of your routines and acquired the habit of using them consistently. What’s the next step?

Go through each item on your checklist and ask these questions:

  • Can I automate this?
  • Can I outsource this?

Take a step back and look at the entire checklist and ask: Can I create a system or process to simplify (including outsourcing the entire checklist)?

Here are a few example scenarios:

Let’s say you have a checklist of all the items you take to the gym. There may be toiletries needed each time. Instead of transferring them from your bathroom every trip, buy travel sized versions and keep them ready to go in your gym bag.

Instead of having your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ feeds push all updates to you in real-time, schedule all of your untimely alerts to be checked once or twice a day (achieve this easily by having the alerts emailed to a particular account and stored in a folder/tag — if you use Gmail, create a filter so these never show up in your inbox).

What are your favorite automation tools and outsourcing services?

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