Terror and Fiction

Last night, I woke up in a state of terror several times, with no real reason I can remember. Perhaps I should not have watched The Leftovers right before going to sleep.

When I awoke for the day ahead, I was determined to carpe diem, even though I was feeling weary due to lack of sleep. And in fact, today ended up being among my most productive days.

My solution? I launched into routine mode and made to myself a special commitment to start reading for leisure again. Since school began for my daughter on Monday, resulting in a one hour, twice a day commute, I decided to use Audible as the tool of choice.

I downloaded a book I’ve been wanting to read for a long time, Influx by Daniel Suarez. I was torn between that book and Kill Decision by the same author. I really enjoyed Suarez’s earlier works (Daemon and Freedom ™) and was eager to explore his latest two offerings.

Right now I’m at chapter 4 and I can definitively say, I’m hooked. In fact, I feel like I need to do some extra chores, walk the dog again or drive somewhere randomly to get more “reading” done.

I have missed the great pleasure of letting my mind explore fantastical, yet possible in my lifetime, ideas that author’s like Michael Crichton have mastered.

I won’t reveal any spoilers here; however, I can say that this book, particularly chapter three, has re-ignited a child-like view of my world, all without mind alteration 🙂

If you decide to join me on this reading adventure, be sure to reach out so we can discuss the ideas presented in the book, especially those in chapter three. This is the kind of stuff I love talking and thinking about.

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