Is Your Blog or Podcast Ready for Mainstream America?

USA Today is about to get behind blogs/podcasts in a big way. Blogger & Podcaster magazine will be launching a guide (think TV Guide for blogs and podcasts) in partnership with USA Today which generates 10,400,000 unique visitors at In addition, the Blogger & Podcaster Guide will be published in the print version of USA Today, reaching an additional 5,200,000 readers.

I believe this is an awesome opportunity to get your blog/podcast out to mainstream America. In any case, you can try it out free for a month and let your results be the judge of value.

Through an exclusive partnership agreement with the Blogger & Podcaster Guide, my readers are able to get a month free (regular price is $49.99). In addition, if you find value, you will get 20% off the monthly fee (you’ll pay only $39.95 per month and can cancel at any time) for the online guide and 25% off the print fee (Regular price is $195 a week, and you’ll pay only $145). You can cancel at any time and there is no obligation.

To get started with your free listing:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “New User” and go through the 6 step registration process.
  3. In “Step 2” be sure to enter ‘Thinkingserious’ in the Coupon Code box under “Option #4”. If you don’t enter this code, you will be charged the regular price.

Following is the information you should have handy when you are registering:

  1. Blog/Podcast Name
  2. Website URL
  3. Brief Description (Print only): You can have 75 characters total — including spaces & punctuation — between your URL and description.
  4. Detailed Description (400 characters max — including spaces & punctuation — between your URL and description.
  5. RSS Feed
  6. iTunes Feed (Podcasts only — Not mandatory): For info go to
  7. Up to 10 keywords related to your blog/podcasts (Not mandatory): Used for search and placements as relevant material on
  8. Logo/Album Art (Not Mandatory)

The launch is Wednesday, November 7th, so if you want to be in for the launch be sure to enter your registration ASAP. It takes about 5 minutes if you have your materials prepared as mentioned above.

I hope this opportunity brings new levels of success for your blog/podcast.

Please share your experiences in the comments.

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