6 Keys to Strategic Thinking

The day to day grind often leaves no time for strategic thinking. This is a habit you must correct in order to ensure long term success. Following are six keys that will help guide your strategic thinking.

1. Look at things as they are

Recognize that emotion clouds your thinking. Take a step back and analyze the situation objectively.

2. Judge people by their actions

Look at the results attained by their actions and use that to make your judgment. Apply the same strategy to judging yourself.

3. Depend on your own mind

Know that whatever happens to your physical self and material items you have attained, the mind is what remains. Spend time sharpening your thinking skills and do not doubt yourself when it comes time to execute.

4. Rely on strategic maneuvers over brute force

Use strategy to avoid the resource drain of full on confrontation. In some cases, brute force will be necessary, but ensure that it is indeed necessary. Even then, use strategy to minimize your efforts and maximize your gains.

5. Strategy over tactics

Spend your time above the playing field, thinking about long term objectives. Always relate your tactical plan to your strategic goals.

6. Internal strategy

Keep your emotions in check and constantly improve through strategic self-examination. Remember, you are often your worst enemy. Approach your self-strategy as you would your fiercest enemy.


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