Maximizing Your Profile has become the standard for online executive level networking. I have found that most networking events that I attend result in a flurry of invitations afterwards. It is also being used a tool to do reconnaissance on you before meetings and business deals. Therefore, it is important that you have a strong presence there if you are in business. This guide will help make sure you take full advantage of your profile.

Signing Up

If you have not signed up already, go to and click on the ‘Join Now’ button.

Fill out the information completely and accurately on all pages.

Once you confirm your email address, you will be ready for the following steps.

Updating Your Profile

First, click on ‘Account & Settings’. Here you will find links to all the items you can update on your profile. Following are some insights for each link that may not be obvious.

Profile Settings: My Profile

Take care when choosing your profile link. This is the link that you will give to others. It links to your public profile.

Profile Settings: My Profile Photo

This is an important way to make sure that people remember who you are. How many times have you looked through your stack of business cards only to find that you forgot which person belongs to which card?

Profile Settings: Manage Recommendation

Request recommendations for all the positions you have listed. Recommend at least 5 others, more if possible.

Invite Friends

Go to the ‘Expand Network’ link up at the top right and invite all of your business contacts. I also suggest that you invite business contacts that you meet at networking events.

Remember, your profile may often be the first thing people see, and form their impressions, about you. Take this into consideration throughout the entire process.

After you have done all of these things, I suggest that you read through Guy Kawasaki’s suggestions and further refine your profile.

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