12 Power Networking Questions

If you want to supercharge your in person networking skills, then these twelve questions are the foundational keys and the tools you will need to expand your network rapidly. These pearls of wisdom were taught to me by Larry “The Connector” Benet. Larry teaches people how to turn contacts into relationships. Enjoy, and may your network flourish.

1. What is the most important project you are currently involved, in case I or someone I know can be a resource to you?

This question helps you determine very quickly if you can add value, and adding value is the key to power networking. Be sure to write down the response on the back of their business card.

2. Who is your perfect customer, in case I can refer you business?

Generally, people love to be referred business. Remember to always seek to give and add value. Be someone who can not be “out gived”.

3. How did you get started in ____________?

This question can often unlock the true passion of the person you are speaking with. Be sure to note those passions so that you can look for ways to add value.

4. I meet lots of people, what should I tell people about you?

This question helps understand that person’s perceived image and value. It also helps you to gain clarity of what it is they do.

5. What do you do for fun when you’re not doing ______________?

This is another great question to help you determine the person’s true passion in life. If what they do for fun is something you also enjoy, then you have an excellent opportunity to build a deeper connection.

6. So, do you have any children?

Most parents adore their children and will beam with pride when discussing them. Use care here; however, since this is a highly personal question. If you do find out this information, remember the names and ages so that you can inquire about them later.

7. Where are you from originally?

Another question to determine if there are some commonalities.

8. Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Not only will you learn about cool places to vacation, you will know how to greatly add value if you happen to come across some tickets to that destination.

9. Who is your favorite author?

Sending a key contact a copy of their favorite author’s book is a great relationship building idea. Even better, a introduction to that author will greatly enhance the relationship (check your linkedin to see if you are somehow connected to the author).

10. What’s your number one personal goal for the year?

The answer to this question allows you to add value in a very powerful way.

11. What are your top 3 goals for 2008?

Another question whose answer allows you to very specifically add great value to the relationship.

12. I have a large network that I always strive to add value to, in case I or someone in my network can help you today or in the future would you give us permission to stay in touch?

This is the golden question, do not forget to ask it! You want to be sure you have permission to contact them at a later date.

It will serve you well to memorize these questions and start using them next time you go to a networking event or call up some old contacts and ask a few of these questions. Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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