How to Get Publicity Through the Media

If your goal is to get national press via the media (print, radio and/or TV), then read on. I was able to gain some key tips from Orrin Hudson, who has been featured on CNN, People magazine and countless local publications.

1. Create a compelling recipe / hook via your press release

The following elements should be present in your press release:

  • Highlight previous media, if applicable.
  • Create a compelling subject line.
  • Tie your hook into something that is going on in the news right now.
  • Build relationships with people who can get your press release through to the right person.
  • Pitch someone else.
  • Do all of the research for the journalist.
  • Make the release easy for the journalist to publish with minimal work on their part.

2. Become a resource to the press

This will allow you to build trust over time. Establish yourself as a credible expert in your field and offer yourself as a resource to the journalist.

3. Connect with a charity

Charities often get local press for various events. Position yourself to be a big part of the event and piggyback off their press.

4. Start local

Here are a few reasons why starting with your local press is a good idea:

  • The national networks often grab local stories for national publication.
  • You gain interview experience.
  • You add to your media resume.

5. Excellence is not enough, be AMAZING

You need to stand out among the flood of releases that comes in. Everyone has stories of excellence, yours must be amazing.

Share your publicity strategies in the comments. Don’t forget to help Orrin further his cause.

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