12 Questions to Qualify your Leads

Top salespeople know the value of good qualification methods. Proper qualification can skyrocket your closing ratio and save a tremendous amount of time. These 13 questions are derived from Doug Dayton’s Selling Microsoft: Sales Secrets from Inside the World’s Most Successful Company.

There are four key areas that need qualification during the initial sales process, they are: Need, Budget, Authority and Time.


1. Are you using any of our services now? Why or why not?
2. Have you evaluated any of our services? What are the pros and cons you discovered?
3. What other services have you evaluated? What did you find?


4. How large is your company?
5. Are you and Independent department?
6. Do you have a budget for this purchase?


7. What do you do at your company?
8. Are you in charge of product/service evaluation?
9. Are you the decision maker for this purchase? If not: Who are the decision makers?


10. Have you evaluated the return on investment?
11. How soon do you plan to use our services?
12. How much money is not using this service costing you, and how long can you bear that cost?

What are your favorite qualifying questions?

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