9 Ways to Promote Your Audio/Video Podcast Online

You have just launched a shiny new podcast! Congratulations! Now comes a deafening silence… maybe a few tumbleweeds passing through. No worries, these promotional tools will clear away the weeds and create a thriving bustle!


Getting your podcast listed in the iTunes directory will surely clear up those tumbleweeds. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be accepted into the directory as the acceptance process is subjective.

All the details you need to prepare your podcast for iTunes are here. This article has some advice on how to increase your chances of getting listed in the iTunes directory.

According to their media kit, the Blogger & Podcaster magazine reaches over 20,000 subscribers. They also are the conduit to get your podcast listed in USA Today’s podcast directory. If you are interested in that type of exposure, but are unsure whether it will be beneficial for your podcast, then use my name to get a free trial.

Use Written Copy

For each podcast you produce, include a summary, table of contents and show notes. Also allow for comments. These tactics will help your SEO.

Social Bookmarking

Spread your podcast among the many social bookmarking sites. Among all those readers, a few are bound to take a look at your podcast. Try using this tool to ease the process.


If you have a video podcast, then you must use this tool for maximum distribution.


Comment and interact with other podcaster’s web sites. Particularly, those that have commonalities with your own podcast. Make sure to include a link to your podcast in your signature.


This is the largest blogger and podcaster trade show. While you may learn a lot from the panelists, the true learning experience will come from the hallway networking. Make sure to bring your video camera so that you can get some impromptu interviews for your podcast.


Submit your podcast’s RSS feeds to all the relevant directories. This list will get you started.


Take the time to explore and continue to learn about podcasting and the promotional aspect. Here is a good place to start.

How have you promoted your podcast? What kind of results did you achieve? Share with us in the comments.

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