4 Essential Features Google Apps Needs to Achieve World Domination

I am a Google Apps evangelist. I use their services for both sides of our business and I also have a personal account. Now, with the addition of new features, they have become very close to providing a total platform for an agile business. With all of that goodness, there are four main features that are missing. Here is my plea to Google.

1. A ToDo List

Right now, fills that void nicely, especially since it integrates with Google calendar. An ideal situation would be a mix of Google’s simplicity with the power of RTM.

2. Project Management

I use a combination of BaseCamp and for this functionality now, with BaseCamp serving as a collaborative environment with clients and central file repository. Google Sites has come close to offering the functionality needed, but it still needs a permissions based system and standard project management tools such as support ticket tracking (integrated with GMail), milestone management and Gantt charting (through Google Calendar).

3. Customer Relationship Management, or Simply, Relationship Management

Currently, we are transitioning from Zoho CRM to SugarCRM. The main features needed would be pipeline, lead and opportunity management. Integration with the rest of Google Apps would also be essential.

I would like to see a Plaxo like (but Google simple) contact management system that integrates with all of the other Google Apps. The ability to tie in drip marketing with services like Google Alerts would supercharge your marketing efforts.

4. Invoicing and Accounting

Currently, we use and QuickBooks Online. A combination of the two would be ideal, along with seamless integration with Google Checkout with easy support for other payment gateways.

What features do you need to make Google Apps the only tool you need to run the infrastructure of your business.

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