BaseCamp Just Became Much More Usable

One of my biggest complaints with BaseCamp is the inability to add a description to milestones easily. You can work around that problem by creating a message after you create your milestone, then attach that message to the milestone. Far too many steps! I want to be able to quickly add the description without all of the extra steps.

While I still cant add a description directly from the milestone creation screen, BaseCamp has just made it much easier to attach a description.

Now, when you are looking at your milestones tab and you hover your mouse over a milestone, there is a little comment bubble that appears to the right.

After you click on that bubble, you can add the description, which can be commented on like as if the milestone was a message.

This new feature will certainly save some time. I hope there are more time saving features to come.

UPDATE: Here is the official announcement.

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