Reaching Out to Communicate is Key to Project Success

The following is guest post by Victor Karamalis:

We all know that it takes hard work to get the project going and continue. Managers need to be realistic about the expectations that they set forth in the beginning of a project. Overdelivering or scope creep on a scope of a project is common because there are a number of factors including how well people communicate within the internal and external project members. Yet, the 70 percent failure rate from their original scope. This is why creating a great relationship with your project members prior to starting the project is one of the most important aspects of the project.

This is where I want to focus my attention into what is called making “magic” amongst project managers and their stakeholders. By being open and share moments like going for a group dinner or playing a common sport outside of work hours, you bring a new personal bond to the work environment so to speak that increases communication and thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. Project managers (and many operations managers) fail to do this simple exercise because they do not see the relevance in making friends with their co-workers. But it has everything to do with gaining trust and respect with each other. Also, be sure to provide encouragement for each of them. Ultimately, this becomes the vehicle for buy-in to all stakeholders involved. Not only that, your work ethic will be remembered by each individual on the team. This often overlooked ability is what sticks in their minds and can be an asset when you’re looking for new opportunities.

For those working remotely, make the attempt to try and speak with your colleagues’ in their mother tongue. This shows them that you are open minded and are making extreme efforts to ensuring to connect with them. They will appreciate the fact that you respect them as people and they see you as being a globally open minded person. If you’re in the country and working remotely, incent them by rewarding them with sending them gift cards (Starbucks is a great gift all year round). That gives them the option to use it personally, or for themselves (often while working on your project). It becomes a win-win for all parties to keep team morale up and increases your chances of getting your deliverables accomplished.

PRO_MEVictor is the key consultant at Clarity Live Global.  He focuses on progressive management and development which connects everyone’s ideas and efforts within the workplace and the community be it online or off.  He’s worked at small startups and large conglomerates focusing on bringing about positive change.

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