Talk: A Personal Life API

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting a 40 minute tutorial on how to create your own Personal Life API at API World in San Francisco.

The talk consists of the slides, documentation (on APIary) and code (on GitHub, written in Python/Flask).

Big thanks to API World for offering a platform to express these ideas and SendGrid for sponsoring my attendance.


Have you created your own Personal API?

If so, tell me about it 🙂

If not, head on over and read my latest blog post, Quantify Thyself: Creating a Personal Life API, that describes how to create one.


A Personal Life API

Because of Google Glass, the Fitbit, Loseit and my current API design project for our Developer Relations team at SendGrid, I’m becoming more and more interested in the idea of quantified self + everything as an API + automated/intelligent systems. My latest blog post at SendGrid takes a practical look at the API piece of the puzzle.

Back in the days of my first funded startup, one of the ideas I was interested in was to create a Life 2.0 system, using technology to try and remove tasks that must be done, but we hate spending our time on, and then optimizing and enhancing the time spent on things we love to do. I got caught up too much on the implementation though, which at that time was going to be a custom Linux distro.

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