Have you created your own Personal API?

If so, tell me about it 🙂

If not, head on over and read my latest blog post, Quantify Thyself: Creating a Personal Life API, that describes how to create one.


SMTP Service

Common question: What is it your company does again? Well, now I have a new and improved answer 🙂

Through the experience of working for an email delivery company for the past 4 years, I’ve learned just how important it is to businesses to get their emails delivered, especially transactional emails such as receipts and confirmation emails.

Of course, it’s not magic and you can do it yourself, but this is one of those mission critical services that should be handled by experts. Don’t learn that the hard way.

If you still don’t get why you need a SMTP Service, my friends at SendGrid just released a blog post that explains it much better than I can. Take 5 minutes and give it a quick read.

May all your emails be delivered 🙂


Present your next slide deck like a BOSS WIZARD

I just published a blog post over at SendGrid that shows you how to create an amazing interactive presentation. The goal is to help you up your presentation game 🙂

You can check out the final result in action here:

The source code is available at Github.

Happy Hacking!


I’ve moved on from my position at SendGrid as Developer Evangelist (one of the coolest jobs on Earth <- we are hiring) to Hacker in Residence. I wrote about it at the SendGrid blog. w00t!