Turn Your Windows Mobile Phone into a WiFi Router

This software allows you to transform the data plan on your Windows Mobile based smart phone (here is a list of compatible phones) into a WiFi router for less than a one time $30 fee.

I find this solution most useful for when you have an unlimited data plan and you have several devices such as a iPod Touch and a NetBook that only have WiFi access.

Be sure to check with your cell phone provider to make sure you are not violating any terms of use.


How to Easily Pause Music on the iTouch When Locked Without Swiping

One thing that I miss from my iPod Classic is the easy ability to pause with just one click. It is a very useful feature if you want to quickly pause when someone is trying to talk to you. Unfortunately, without this tip on the iTouch, you would need to hit the home button, then unluck the iTouch with a swipe and then you can pause it with a single touch.

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