70 Interviews to Help You Build an Outstanding Internet Company

Andrew Warner of has put together some incredible interviews with some amazing people with purpose of helping entreprenuers create better Internet companies. Amazingly, all of the interviews are free!

There was one issue I encountered that minimized my joy a tiny fraction at finding this treasure trove; 1) not enough time to listen to them all right now! and 2) no one place to go for an easy short list of all of the interviews (this is undoubtedly because Andrew is busy creating awesome interviews!)

In this post, I have created a list of all the interviews in a easy to browse format that takes you directly to the interview page for your convenience. On that interview page, Andrew has an introductory video, written summary of the interview, streaming audio and download link. Enjoy! I sure am.

The interviews are listed starting from the most recent:

  1. Chris Winfield – How to grow your business with social media and not have it take over your day
  2. James Siminoff – How to get the world excited about your business
  3. Jason Fried – Bootstrapping lessons from 37 signals
  4. Mateo Gutierrez – How to build your online community
  5. Derek Sivers – How a musician built a $22 million dollar business from his home
  6. Brent Csutoras – How to get traffic from social media
  7. Kurt Daradics – how to organize an event for investors, ceos and influencials
  8. Kareem Mayan – How to work while traveling like a business nomad
  9. Tony Adam – Yahoo’s SEO manager teaches you how to get more search engine traffic
  10. Douglas Atkin – What cults can teach you about building community
  11. Adeo Ressi – “Almost everyone i counciled got funding”
  12. Guy Kawasaki – How alltop is growing by following its founder’s advice
  13. Keith and the Girl – 7 secrets for building a community so passionate that they get your tattoo
  14. Jason Kiesel – Myspace app developer teaches how to build a social network application
  15. Sloane Berrent – simple tips for networking into your dream job 
  16. John King – Do you want to be donald trump or steve jobs?
  17. 2 Top Hacker News Members – Why do people join online communities?
  18. Ryan Scott – What he did after he sold his company
  19. Michael Dorausch – How is this guy getting so many hits to his site?
  20. Bob Dunlap – An ebook on birds made $500,000?!
  21. Jason McVearry – Social marketing techniques
  22. Timothy Ferriss – How blogs helped the four hour work week become a best seller
  23. Mark Jeffrey – Real entrepreneurs get back up
  24. Laurence Gonzales – Do you text while driving?
  25. Aj Vaynerchu – Community before cash
  26. Ted Murphy – Tips for successful online marketing
  27. Olivier Chaine – How to increase conversions
  28. Peter Pham – 5 steps to becoming a networking superstar
  29. Justin Premick – How to grow an email mailing list
  30. John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur and Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summers – how “talk like a pirate day” became a sensation
  31. Susan Smith – How domainers profit
  32. Dan Olsen – Why your site isn’t viral
  33. Davy RothBart – “Mario, i f-cking hate you.” how to build community
  34. Chris Bechtel – 5 ways to create good content
  35. Kelly Perdew – 6 business lessons i learned from donald trump’s apprentice winner
  36. Karel Baloun – Why did facebook succeed? an early hire speaks
  37. Devlyn Steele – How to build an online community
  38. Hiten Shah – 7 essential tools of viral marketing
  39. Clinton Swaine – 7 negotiating and sales secrets
  40. Max Alexander – How to organize a master mind group
  41. Revere Strategy Group – Learning from obama, mccain and other politicians
  42. Sean Percival – Get traffic to your site
  43. Frank Warren – How postsecret uses social media to grow its mission
  44. Tony Hsieh – Surprising customers with amazing service
  45. Magento Team – You don’t need outside funding
  46. Eric Stephens – How to develop intuitive user experience
  47. Robert Schoble – How to become internet famous
  48. Matt Mickiewicz – Quickly building and selling sites
  49. Rich Demuro – How to get your startup on the news
  50. Roger Ehrenberg – Launch in phases
  51. Andy Oliver – Do-it-yourself public relations
  52. Rosalind Resnick – Is goal-setting outdated?
  53. Gregory Galant – Everyone is accessible 
  54. Ori Brafman – What sways people
  55. Sarah Lacy – Author of “Once Your Lucky, Twice Your Good”
  56. Jackie Peters – How to market on the social web
  57. Mark Suster – From the mixergy funding forum
  58. Douglas Campbell – LA’s version of the ted conference
  59. Alex Funk – Understanding widgets
  60. Deborah Shadovitz – Learning to organize a conference
  61. Dave Balter – How to build buzz
  62. Tara Hunt – Why & how to build social capital online
  63. Register at to get an additional interview with Seth Godin.

Also, check out these shorter video business tips:

  1. Timothy Ferriss – Business suggestion
  2. Jeremy Shoemaker –  How to be a successful blogger
  3. Darren Rowse – How to get more traffic
  4. Jesse Stay – How to raise your profile online
  5. Jeremy Shoemaker – How jeremy schoemaker became “internet famous”
  6. John Chow – Why does john chow’s personal site make $30,000+ per month?
  7. Robert Scoble – Building a personal brand

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Thanks for all of your great work Andrew, and please keep it going.

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